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Dissimilarity is what attracts attention of various communities, targeted audiences and men in the street. Take as an instance anime wallpapers which garland smartphone desktops of teenagers all over the world. Why is this art production so popular? What makes it different from other animation developments?

Born in Japan, the art of hand-drawn (computer) animation have won the hearts of the whole Western world within a matter of months. Animation creators have been left all at sea, since they couldn’t crack a mystery of anime mind-bending success. In very deed, the secret of popularity lies in the usage of diverse art styles, experimentation with character proportions, including expressively sized eyes.

The other reason for success of Japanese animation is orientation on all age and gender groups. There are cartoons targeted girls/boys only (or both) as well as adult fans. The differentiation between all editions lies in an adapted to a particular audience storyline, filled with a bit of fantasy.

Excitement about a Japanese masterpiece gave birth to the appearance of dedicated teenage subcultures. The latter show respect to their favorite cartoons by installing anime wallpapers on personal computing devices, creating anime-like clothes & accessories, and following beloved characters in speech (behavior, etc.).

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