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What do you live for? What do you strive to achieve? Most of us are afraid of asking ourselves these questions because they seem so vast and dreadfully important. Still, everybody should sooner or later. Otherwise, they will drift through life having achieved nothing, being no one, and leaving nothing behind.

People are different. Some of them appreciate, let’s say, physical perfection more than changing the world (or exploring what we already have), making it a better place to live in, or helping others. Yes, all of us set priorities. That’s why there are those who are ready to do anything to climb a career ladder and those for whom cuddling together with their significant one and beloved children under a blanket watching a family comedy is quite enough. It’s so sad when people imagine this warm-heartedness just looking at cute wallpapers installed on their gadgets. What’s worse, some of them aren’t curious how it feels in reality. Yes, we all are very different…

Fyodor Dostoyevsky said “The soul is healed by being with children.” Moreover, it’s healed even when looking at them. I’ll eat my hat that you’ll be in an upbeat mood all day long having cute wallpapers installed on your home screen.

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