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Have you ever had surrealistic fantasies which spoke about you but in the other dimension, under other circumstances? Bet it’s so you! Frankly speaking, one can hardly find a person who wouldn’t fancy about something before bedtime or in the moments of idleness. Such reverie is reflected not only on our thoughts but also on things that surround us, take alone dreamy & fantasy wallpapers which adorn PC, laptop and smartphone desktops.

What people usually fancy about? Well, in the majority of cases they emulate their lives from different angles, laying emphasis on ‘what if’ statement. For instance, a person who is not pleased about the idea of moving around the city by public transportation, a hundred to one emulates the situation ‘What if I had a private car?’. The developments might be all over the map, depending upon a dreamer’s imagination.

Furthermore, whatever fantasies we have, they make us a bit happier. Cooked-up life projection brings hope of positive changes, outlines all possible ways of achieving certain goals, helps in perceiving subconscious mind, and develops personal motivation.

If your mind got into a muddle of daily routine, revive your imagination with supernatural dreamy & fantasy wallpapers. Get a visual presentation of potential events that might overwhelm you in the future.

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