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What should I do next? Is what I’ve done right or not? Everything could have been different… Doubts are particular to people who strive for perfection, who want to create something meaningful, who worry about a final result. They improve our work and don’t let us relax or put on airs. However, at the same time doubts are our worst enemies that can ruin everything in a blink of an eye. That’s why it’s so important not to run to extremes but be sound on an issue.

Drive away dark thoughts – it’s the only way you can avoid countless disappointments. Better, substitute them for wise people’s ideas. Inspirational wallpapers you can find on this website can help you with this.

Every minute of your life provides you with a chance to change everything. Every second does count. What is needed is determination and at least twenty seconds of courage. This time is usually quite enough to implement a decision.

You may be overwhelmed with doubts about whether your choice is right or wrong then. Do not expect anyone to clarify it for you – nobody knows the answer. Right and wrong decisions are intellectuals’ contrivance. What really matters is decision making itself.

Garnish your home screen with wallpapers on inspirational quotes in HD. They won’t let you go astray. Take it easy!

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Pages: 12