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Men’s enthusiasm about planes is comparable only to their preoccupation with cars. Source-nation, type, construction, hardware, electronics, specifications, and facilities are usually of major interest. Daydreams about aerial voyages keep males on the run; thus, they fall on collecting model aircrafts and installing planes wallpapers on every gadget they have.

Reveries about heaven haunt not only men. In fact, there are a lot of women who dream of becoming flight assistants to continually feel the drive of flying above the skies. Indeed, since the launch day, airliners have been always seen as a technological wonder that allows people to cut through thousand miles within a short time. As a result, people who traveled by plane at least once will never forget sensations of freedom and power.

To continue, as distinct from females, men are predominantly fond of military aircrafts. They are mostly interested in ‘under-the-hood secrets’ (type of engine, speed, maneuvering, type of arms and its control) that make superjets beyond compare. Moreover, males do not deny themselves a pleasure of simulating the flight due to various video or online games; they take the place of a pilot and learn to use the arms in a multi-task environment.

Whatever type of ‘wings’ you hung up on, be sure to find an appropriate image for your desktop in our hand-picked collection of planes wallpapers.

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