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The fact that people easily dispensed with computers about thirty years ago seems incredible, because today computers are the symbol of modern society: these machines appear in different forms wherever we look and are at hand in most situations. Who would have ever thought that someday it’d become possible to create with the help of them?

Many people consider that if something isn’t handmade, then this creation is soulless, thus ugly and useless. In particular, it concerns web design. It must be a perennial debate whether this direction relates to art or not. At the moment you have an opportunity to decide it for yourself. On this website, you can look through and then download vector & designs wallpapers on different themes: nature, sports, abstraction, fashion, music, dancing, love, art, sense of life, business, people, beauty, etc.

Probably, it’s a mistake to compare images created via computers to world-famous artists’ works – they are too different, incomparable in essence – although undoubtedly all of them require talent, mastery, and efforts.

Still, computer-created images have some advantages: computer technologies allow creating unprecedented hues and colours of unheard-of depth. So, it’s wrong to say that such images are lacking in magic, originality, and beauty. Adorn home screen of your device with wallpapers on vector & designs and make sure of that.

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