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One wouldn’t deny the fact that there are things which can be easily expressed in words or gestures and those which can’t be expressed in any usual way. So, is it possible to describe indescribable? I’ll say! 3D & abstract wallpapers make everything thinkable.

Infinity, molecular activity, airstream, passion, pity, rage, and other abstract notions might be visualized through an extraordinary combination of lines, dots, textures, volume, and colors. For sure, in order to express some notion, the creator should envisage it and then put into a definite image. For example, serenity is oftentimes fancied as a stream of blurred lines (waves, clouds, etc.) in soothing colors, whereas evil spirit is usually associated with a volumetric red fireball, breaking forth.

Moreover, non-figurative images nourish our imagination. Looking at some canvas with, at first glance, absolutely inexplicable sense, a range of visuals arouses in our mind. The most striking thing is that every person sees its own picture, depending on the level of development of abstract thinking.

Try yourself! Look through our collection of 3D & abstract wallpapers. What kind of visuals do you fancy? Choose one for your PC desktop to have a striking mind-blower.

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