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The desire to escape home grounds is probably one of the greatest antimonies ever. Have you ever thought of why people choose exotic places for their leisure time (vacation, holidays, retirement period), why they daydream of deserted islands and peer at beach wallpapers for hours?

The answer is not hard to plump. Wrapped by daily routine, people get tired of overwhelming responsibilities, home chores, stuffy office environment, schemes and schedules, overcrowded streets, and even of familiar faces. In order to take the heat off, we do not hesitate to drop everything just to fling ourselves into the whirl of relaxation, idleness and soul groove. Vacation in a God forsaken beach resort is a perfect match to an ideal distraction.

Astounding sunsets, tweets of snow-white seagulls, warm sand underfoot, gentle touch of sunrays, and romantic dates under the moonlight are what many city dwellers envision in their day-dreams.

However, is there any sense of waiting for a chance to escape to the paradise some day? Why not bringing the atmosphere of eternal gala to your home place? Change your usual PC desktop background to blissful beach wallpapers: feel the difference every day and every moment!

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