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Corporate logos are called to make brands recognizable across a particular community or throughout the world. For this reason, every company (organization, union, association) spares no effort on creating a memorable, ambitious and suggestive trademark. As a result, even people from the middle of nowhere can easily recognize this or that manufacturer, vendor, designer, etc.

Some trademarks become a household name for millions of citizens. Thus, there is small wonder that brands & logos wallpapers garnish multiple office and home desktops.

What do corporate emblems tell us? Curiously enough, few emblems tell about the company’s area of expertise. Take as an instance one of the most recognizable logos in the world – an apple with a bite taken out of it. Who would ever surmise that this is a visiting card of a multi-profile computing manufacturer?

We can say for sure that emblems speak about the brand’s reputation. For example, seeing this or that trademark, an experienced motorist can say whether some greasing substance is of high quality or not; similarly, an experienced housewife might accurately identify trustworthy milk producers and cheaters.

Furthermore, brands & logos wallpapers on your office PC and smartphone can tell about your personal preferences as well as show devotion to corporate ethics.

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