Random WallPapers Collection

How many times a day do you peep into your smartphone (tablet, AIO, Mac, etc.)? Ten, twenty, hundred times? No matter how often you resort to help of a ‘smart’ device, the first thing that catches the eye is a background. Pre-installed images frequently do not bear any emotional charge. Don’t worry, our collection of random wallpapers is able to ‘charge’ your gadget with manifold emotions.

How do people usually choose a background for their computing devices? There are a few behavior patterns ascribed to this aspect. The first pattern stipulates a ‘one-hit’ approach: one image for a lifetime (several years, at least). Individuals that enjoy such attitude are never preoccupied with the exterior, as they rather fix attention at the functionality.

The second pattern might be called a ‘day fly’: one image for a day or one for a few hours only. People that stick to this mode of behavior are inclined to change their smartphone exterior as soon as their mood is changed.

Finally, the third pattern is called ‘seasonal’. It presumes altering of a desktop background once a season (there might be calendar, sports, political, religious seasons).

Did you find any resemblance with your behavior? In any case, whatever mode you stick to, the amount of random wallpapers in our inventory will absolutely satisfy any needs.