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It stands to reason that things around us can speak a lot about ourselves. Cars are the ones to speak not only about well-being or financial assets, but also about our character, viewpoints and personal preferences. How does this work? Choose one image from a hand-picked collection of cars wallpapers to see what individuality you have.

Sports vehicles are the choice of successful people who consider such belongings as an indicator of cachet. This is also a good match for young daredevils whose love for drive and speed prevails over other passions. Environmentalists would definitely select smart electric cars which do not eject harmful emissions into the air. Family people are sure to prefer spacious mini-vans with extra protection mechanisms and a large trunk.

Neat, small-sized vehicles are targeted young girls and successful women who appreciate top-tier performance as well as a stylish exterior. Huge 4x4 makes are ideal for adventurers and fans of extreme driving, while costly items with classic exterior, luxury interior and outstanding gear efficiency reflect credit to prosperous top-managers, politicians & the power players.

Have you recognized yourself? If not, look through some other cars wallpapers to find your ideal match.

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