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What is a driving force of our sincere adoration? Well, there are a lot of things which make us slobber over. However, the representatives of a diversified fauna do it the best. For this reason, it’s hard to resists a temptation to install animals & birds wallpapers on a PC (tablet, smartphone) desktop.

Wild and rogue, sportive and mighty, hunters and preys, multi-populated and rare species… All of them are a law unto themselves. Still, animals can’t but coexist with human-beings who admire their beauty, strength or, vice versa, helplessness as well as wit.

During the course of time, people have been trying to tame some beasts, although many attempts failed. As a result, observation has become the only way of learning about the wild world. Nowadays we can get comprehensive information about any species via numerous video programs, documentaries, scheduled surveillance, and live tours. The heyday of people’s love towards animals was the creation of TV channels, totally dedicated to the wild kingdom.

The development of digital technologies gave rise to a new mode of adoration: placing animals & birds wallpapers on the desktops of personal gadgets. This is a smart way to have a tiger sit still beside you or a tiny hummingbird flitter right under very nose.

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